HTML/CSS Assessment discrepancy

Hello all. I recently submitted my HTML/CSS assessment and was told that I’d gotten one thing wrong. I noticed that in my original code, instead of “pet_type” I had entered “pet_name”, which I went back and fixed and saved. Upon resubmitting, I was told that I had missed the same requirement. I have attached my code and the feedback. Does anyone see something that I am not seeing?

my answer

Hi, @aprilclove!

I just pulled down your assessment and I still see the pet_name value for that attribute. I know it’s silly, but I think you may have forgotten to save before you zipped up the new one and submitted? Or perhaps you accidentally uploaded the old zip file?

Thank you for that feedback Bryan. I am deleting the entire file (original and updated) and I am going to download it again and redo the zip process. Should that work?


My recommendation would be to be super thorough and after you’ve zipped the file up. Copy it somewhere else and unzip it there. Double check that the files exist. And that the content is what you expect it to be. :+1:

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So I’m clear, I’m thinking I should follow the same approach as I did with the Git assessment, meaning once I download the file and extract it, I should delete the original downloaded zip file and work in the extracted html file. Once I do that and make my changes in the html and css, save it and zip it, followed by deleting the non-zipped file, so that I am only left with MY updated and zipped file.