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HTML/CSS assessment desert image does not render

Whenever I ran the code in a browser, everything except the image of the desert is rendered.

Hi London, and welcome to the community!

If everything is rendering as expected except one element, there are a few typical culprits.

  • Check all of the opening and closing tags around the missing element - do all of the tags match up? Anything extra? Anything missing?

  • Check the relative path of the image - are there any typos? Compare the path against the path of the image that IS showing up.

  • Check the CSS code for the image, or for any classes or ids associated with the desert image - is there anything there that might cause it to be hidden?

If it’s still not rendering after checking these three things, just post a short code snippet including both images from your html file, and a snippet of any css related to the desert image, and we can continue debugging from there.


Hi Jesse,

I checked the elements and the relative paths for both images, and both are the same and don’t have anything missing. I did notice that on the HTML page, on lines 55 and 56, I have the desert image element under a div tag and an article tag. Could that be the source of the issue? I uploaded a screenshot of that part of the html page.

I think you’re on the right track with the <article> tag!

It looks like you are missing your closing tag for the <article> - try adding that in and see if the picture will render. Missing a closing tag can cause all kinds of issues with elements rendering correctly!