HTML/CSS Assessment - Card Blues

Learning Challenge

Hello there!

I have been surfing the forums for hours and trying pieces of code for the card portion of the assessment; my card looks whack and is not even close! I need some guidance on where I can begin.


Where do I need to do to fix this ugliness?

What I’ve tried

I have been trying to plug and play different pieces of HTML and CSS that I am seeing here form users as well as the staff responses.


The jankiness:


The CSS:

Much appreciated! I don’t want to submit and get feedback, eating up my attempts!



Try taking your class="image1" off of the div element and place it on the img element.

Yesss! Thank you, Bryan. I appreciate it.
I will play around a little bit more and write back at the next juncture.

Until then, thank you kindly,


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