HTML/CSS Assessment 8/12

I submitted the assessment once and received the following as feedback. Is there a minimum to pass or does it have to be a mandatory 12/12?

Below are screenshots of my new code, I want to make sure I addressed everything and am on the right track. I don’t want to waste too many more chances being that I haven’t moved on to Git and Boolean just yet.

Thank you in advance, any and all help would be appreciated.
Stay safe everyone.

Hi Veli,
It looks like you’ve identified and fixed the three issues related to the form contents.

As for the form width, there is a way to tackle that using media queries, as well as a way to do it without using queries (which is the approach I recommend).

To do it without using a media query, think about what styles you need to apply to the form tag. In plain language, you will need to set the form to fill the width of the screen when the screen is less that 600px, and be 600px when the screen is larger than 600px.


Hi Jesse,

Thanks for taking a look, Ive made a few changes and checked to see how it behaves with the browser at different sizes. I simply set the form tag up outside the media queries (with the appropriate max-width of 600px) and left them as is. It fills up 100% when narrow and goes to 600px when extended as shown in the screenshots below.

Fixed CSS

So i submitted a second assessment. This time it came back 10/12 and screen width issue was figured out but now it’s giving me this…


The instructions as written in the assessment itself are as follows


Below is a screenshot of the related lines of code, Im having a difficult time seeing what the issue is. Everything seems to match up with no typos or inconsistent casing, so I’m a bit stumped. I really don’t want to waste a 3rd attempt.


Thank You!

Hi Veli - can you message me your email address or full name? I can pull up your actual submission and take a look to check that there isn’t something else going on.

I was able to pull up your assessment this morning and figure out what went wrong.

It looks like you submitted a version of the assessment that did not include your most recent edits. It is possible that you zipped your project without making a final save.

In your submission, your line 18 looked like this: <label for="name">Type</label>.
This single line would actually cause both tests to fail, since the tests found two different labels with for="name".

It does look like you’ve solved the issue with your code above, the key is to be super-careful with how you submit the assessment. I recommend closing the project completely and re-opening it to make sure the correct version is saved. Then re-zip the project, and be careful to submit the most recent version of the project.

Let us know how it goes! You’re so close!