HTML/CSS assessment 11/12

I missed this portion
*** has a ‘form’ element that is 600px when the window is wider than 600px**
I’m confused because I thought I added a max 600px already, and when I open in browser it does not stretch across the screen at full screen. Any thoughts?


Hi Jonathan,
It looks like you are trying to control the form width through a media screen as well as through the form using regular CSS. The media screen is actually not necessary to solve this part, and you can complete it using just CSS applied to the form element.

In English, what you need the form to do is fill the screen width, but only up to 600px. Your max-width property is already keeping the width from going beyond 600px, so the piece you need to work out is the width property. How can you adjust the value of the width so that it will automatically fill the width of the screen?

wow light bulb moment. thanks so much for your help!

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