HTML/CSS Assessment 11/12 HANS

I am getting back an 11/13 although everything seems to be working fine in execution and in code? Am I missing something?

The questions you missed were:

* has a ‘form’ element that is 600px when the window is wider than 600px

Hi, and welcome to the community!

It’s challenging to know for sure what is going on without playing with the files to test it, but here is what I’m noticing.

I see that you have a div with a class of form, and your form element is nested within that div. You have applied your width styling to .form, which is applying it to the div element, not directly applying it to the form.

I would recommend changing .form throughout your CSS file to form (without the period) so you are directly stying the form itself, not the surrounding div. Then, test it out in the browser to make sure the form size is still adjusting how you would like it to. You likely won’t see an obvious difference, but applying the styling to the div as opposed to the form is likely offsetting the form by a few pixels on each side.

Try this out, and let us know how it goes.