HTML/CSS Assessment 0/12

Learning Challenge


Soo, I know others have had issues submitting the HTML/CSS assessment and more often than not, is a an issue with how is being submitted, but I’m running into the same issue and I’m unsure on what I’m doing wrong.

What I’ve tried

I keep trying to compress the folder that was working on that shows everything I did, but when I open it, it looks… not right. And when I download what I submitted, it’s completely blank.
I’m confused.


Hi, @ddavila23! Welcome to the community.

I pulled down your assessment and it just looks like the “skeleton” template that you download at the beginning of the assessment.

My recommendation is to really double check the zip file you’ve zipped up. You can do a few things to ensure it has your work in it:

  1. unzip it in your “Downloads” folder and verify that it has what you expect in it.
  2. Email it to yourself or a friend on another computer and double check that it has what you expect in it.
  3. Perhaps your admissions instructor might be able to verify that it has what you expect in it as well?

I hope that helps!

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