HTML asssesment help button

Hi everyone!

I submitted my HTML assessment and got an 11/12. :confused:

I got the feed back:
The questions you missed were:

*** has exactly one reset ‘button’ elements that has the content ‘Reset’**

Yes, the error had to do with the reset button. I think it could have been I didn’t capitalize the R in reset as you can see below in this screenshot.

Would capitalizing the R help me pass the test?

I had also added an id to it even though the question didn’t ask me to add an ID to it so I am wondering if that is what caused the issue as well.

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

I think you’re right about the “R”! The tests search for the exact text that is in the specification, so differences in capitalization can cause the fail. Adding an ID shouldn’t be a problem, just make sure it doesn’t match any ID that is already used.

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