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HTML Assessment


I feel ridiculous for asking this, but I’m ready to start on my first assessment (HTML) and I have no clue where to find the zip file with the assessment… Any help?

What I’ve tried

Searching the “tasks directory” in the contents of the Learning Module.
I’ve also emailed my Admissions Specialist from App Academy about it, but haven’t heard back from him yet.


lol I had trouble finding it too. It’s at the very bottom of the assessment page that has all the info about it. there are two buttons: submit and download

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SMDH!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I feel like a total git now!!! Thanks so much for your help! Found it!!!

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Honestly, it’s not super intuitive and we’re planning on fixing this design in the future.

Thank you for guiding @FullStackJunkie in the right direction, @maux. :fire:

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That’s makes me feel better. I’m just not using to looking for a homework or assessment file in the same area where the submit button is at the end of the page letting the system know you finished the task (especially when we’re are just starting the task). But I still kind of feel like I could have searched more thoroughly!!! LOL