Html assessment help please

I scored a 11/12 on my html assessment. My feedback is “has a form element that is as wide as the window when the window is narrower than 600px”. Ive inspected my work and my form seems to shrink and adjust with the screen when below 600px. Not entirely sure what i am missing.

Oh i think i know what i did, i believe i had my media queries confused. I made the following changes on the correct selector. I do not want to fail again so i am just asking if everything looks correct and the following changes will now adjust my form to the window when it is below 600px.

Hi, @colie31! I think you may still be missing something in your CSS? Or perhaps it’s just not included in your screenshot. Your CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
  form {
    width: auto;

is effectively saying “as long as my browser is 600px or below, the width of my form is automatic.” However, one of the requirements is that "if the browser is greater than 600px, the form should be at a max width of 600px.

Hopefully that helps! :pray:

@bryanray in my previous pic i have

    @media screen and (min-width: 600px)  {
          form   {
              max-width: 600px;
              display: grid;
             grid-template-columns: 600px;

Is this what you were meaning? also because my max-width and min-width in both my medias is 600px will they conflict with one another? meaning should my max-width be 599px instead? or does that not pose any significant issue.

Thank you for getting back with me.