Html assessment check 8 out of 12

Hey all,

I have taken the assessment twice now and I want to pass this in order to get into the program. However, I need a second set of eyes to catch where I have gone wrong? Could someone help me out? I’m not understanding why I didn’t pass. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hey KielG, What was the reasons you got points off? did it list it?

Hi, @KielG! :wave:

Here are some things I noticed:

  • You’re missing a reset button mentioned in the assessment
  • Your submit button, while it looks like a button, is not using the button tag that the assessment mentions
  • Your form does not have a max width of 600px that the assessment mentions.

Hope that helps! Best of luck on your next attempt! :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you, I will work on that.