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Howdy y'all! Late bloomer, learning to code

Hi everyone. My name is Gary. I am looking to absorb some knowledge that will unlock doors of potentiality. It took me longer than many to figure out what I want to do with my life. Now I know and here I am trying to make my dream a reality. I am really glad that AA created the free online version. I am only able to do a few hours @ random times during the week, nowhere near SF or NY. :smirk: …for now

Hey man, welcome! Is never too late to learn code, just gotta be consistent and open minded. All the best and remember, there can never be too many exercises or too much practice when it comes to a beginner learning how to code. You gotta learn how to think and also how to code. That’s a lot of learning and mental bending :wink: But the only way to do it is to be consistent and practice. Only tons of practice can cement that knowledge. So keep practicing my friend. If you want I’ll share some links with you that will help. Not sure if this platform offers PMs, but is not an obstacle :smiley:

Same here Gary. Best of luck.