How to output in VS Code

Hello everyone! I’m new here. I’m trying to follow along with the App Academy Open course. I want to use VS Code but can’t figure out how to output what i’m coding in ruby. In a past course I took, we were using Chrome in the dev tools to output out code. Can anyone help me with that? Sorry if this is a newbie question but couldn’t find anything online

  1. open your terminal or command prompt
  2. make sure you have a puts/p/print statement and invocation of your method (as seen in first snapshot) or else you will not get anything returned (as seen in the second screen shot)
  3. navigate to your current file direction and run your ruby file by typing “ruby <file_name>.rb”

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply! But I’m not sure I understand your reply. Sorry. I am in the very beginning of the program, under Introduction and Hello World. It doesn’t look like the instructor is using any function or method to get a return. He’s just typing:

puts “Hello World”
puts “Goodbye”

and in the panel below (Atom) the results show. I wanted to follow along but am having trouble getting the same results. Thanks.

No worries, I am not sure how much more I could explain via the forum then. Do you have zoom? I wouldn’t mind hoping into a conference video chat and walking you through it.