How To Fix My Git Module Results

Learning Challenge

The Git Module


Did I mess something up in terms of the “.gitignore” portion, and if so can I resolve the problem by using
git add .gitignore to each one of the branches? When I was doing the module everything was looking good, so this is the only solution I can think of.

What I’ve tried

I’ve done the entire thing over, twice, nothing changes as far as I see. Really trying to figure out where I went wrong.


@yalcinbo I just passed this learning challenge after experiencing some difficulty of my own. It may not be the entirety of the answer you’re looking for, but one thing I see right off the bat is the "\No new line at end of file: in your diff. If I can offer some friendly advice, these helped me pass Git on the second try:

1.) After making changes to the project, look very closely at the file structures and screenshots provided in the assessment, and compare to your work. So much as one character’s difference in your code–including whitespaces, line breaks and newlines at end of files–can cause an issue.
2.) Do exactly as the challenge asks you to do when it asks you to do it. Anything out of sequence, or any additional committing, merging, etc., makes your work prone to error.
3.) Lastly, when in doubt, reset and restart. Delete your project and start over from the beginning, following the steps very closely and in order. It’s a shorter challenge, so no harm in doing that. I did that twice on my last try because I didn’t want to risk it!

Git can be very unassuming, as aA’s learning challenges and grading for Git is also unassuming. Everything must be identical and done in correct order.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Best of luck.


Hi @benbolthouse, yes that helped me a lot, thank you. So, I re-did the project over (a few times) and run unto the same thing.
I know you said do everything in order and don’t do any extra commits or anything, but when I see this should I fix it or leave it as is. Not sure if you’ll have an answer, but I thought I’d give it a shot.
HTML Commit
Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

@yalcinbo that red text doesn’t indicate an error, that’s an unstaged file. Before your next attempt I’d recommend reviewing the git commit cycle. Remember, if you make any changes to files in your repo you must add them to staged files before committing them.

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@benbolthouse thank you so much! I passed the module today without any extra failed attempts. Taking your advice and really just following step by step, working slowly, and re-doing the project until I felt 100% confident worked. Greatly appreciate it!