How To Delete GIT Repo

I messed up on my GIT assessment and I know where I went wrong but I don’t know how to delete the GIT repo so that I can start over.

Any advice?

I would suggest going to the terminal or file explorer and deleting the original file and just starting over. Honestly, it was super helpful to do this a few times for quality assurance.

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Hi, @TechTris! Welcome to the community, man. :wave:

in the root directory of your git repository, there is a hidden .git folder … you can delete that folder and it will wipe out all of your git history.

# This will show you your hidden files. Verify that you see the '.git' folder listed.
ls -a
# This will remove the hidden '.git' folder
rm -rdf .git

Thanks for your input. Your method helped me a lot then I learned that hidden files (such as the repo file) can be shown by changing windows settings.

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Yea, I was initially face with that exact same problem and was terrified about how to fix it. Once I realized I could just delete and start again, I just used that whole method as practice to see if I could get it right each time and found little kinks throughout my process that I was able to refine.

Is it normal for .DS_Store to show up as soon as I download the assessment? every time that I want to start the assessment over I use the rm -rdf command for .git, .DS_Store, and git-repo-management and when I check with ls -a they’re not there, but right after I download the project to my computer and check with the ls -a command I see .DS_Store again.
Is the .DS_Store that i’m seeing my old file that I saved to .gitignore that I keep thinking I deleted?

sorry for the barrage of questions

So the .DS_Store file is a Mac specific file. It will show up in pretty much every folder throughout your entire Mac file system. It is not related to git and it serves no purpose inside of a git repository. Which is why it tends to exist inside every .gitignore file you’ll ever see.

The way we tell git, “we don’t care about that file” is through the use of the .gitignore file. So let’s walk through a couple of the scenarios you described

Cloning a brand new repository that does not include a .gitignore file

In this scenario, when you type git status you will constantly see a .DS_Store file. This is because we have not told git to ignore it. In this scenario, the fix is to simply create a .gitignore file and add in the .DS_Store file. Then add and commit that .gitignore file into the git repository.

Deleting an existing .git folder from a Git repository with an existing .gitignore file

In this scenario, even though you delete the .git folder and blow everything git related away. The .gitignore file would still exist. That means when you start a new git repository using git init … git will take into account the existing .gitignore file and just continue to ignore the existing .DS_Store file.

I hope that made sense. Let me know if you have any follow up questions. :pray:


oh wow, I feel dumb. I thought .DS_Store was just for this project. Thank you for taking the time to explain that @bryanray

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