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How do we do the Git Assesment?

“Now, initialize a Git repository in the git-repo-management directory. Stage all files in the repository (add the files to the staging area). Commit the files to the repository on the “master” branch.”

What does this mean? Where do we do this? What program do we use?

The only time I’ve committed anything anywhere so far is that confusing minigame they suggested we play.

Is there a way to pay for some kind of tutor where I can get responses quicker than ~48 hours?

I’m just going to do my work live here in the hopes that the constant posting actually gets me help. I’ve already skipped steps that did not function as the assessment said it would, something that definitely carried over from the HTML assessment.

Working in Ubuntu. Just tried repeatedly to change the directory like it says to do in the assessment.

The directory exists. It’s right there. Why wouldn’t it work?

Used PowerShell instead, working fineish. It doesn’t actually say the names of the directories but at least it responds. Ubuntu has been useless so far, if someone could explain why we needed to download it that would be helpful.

Tried to do what the assessment said through powershell, and a bunch of colorful text popped up telling me I did things wrong. Program froze and crashed before I could get a screen shot. I was genuinely worried I ruined my computer.


So what I did is as follows to get to my directory on my c drive
cd /
cd mnt
cd (your drive letter)
cd users
cd (your name)

also this was done using Ubuntu

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Did you try the commands that @alongoria suggested?

I’m working on getting another Ubuntu user to weigh in and see if they can help with the issue.

Hi, @cheshirekate8! Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a specific question I see in here, so it’s difficult for others to provide you guidance. However, you seem to be struggling with Ubuntu and WSL in general; which is very common issue … so don’t let it overwhelm you!

All these questions should be answered in the “Working With Git” video in the Online Learning Modules.

My general suggestion for you would to be to attempt to do the assessments in purely Windows. Using the PowerShell or Git Bash terminal. Climbing up the Ubuntu and WSL learning curve is challenging (but also rewarding).

If you decide to continue with straight Windows … you’ll want to install Git for Windows to give you access to the git command. And when you’re installing you’ll probably want to choose the option that says “Run Git and included Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt”. It is the third option in this screenshot:


If you have any specific questions with issues you’re running into, please be sure to ask in the forum. We try to get to everyone’s questions as quickly as we can, but sometimes it does take some time.

There is also the paid App Academy Mentor option if you prefer to ask your questions in a chat forum.

Don’t get discouraged! You’re doing great! You’re just climbing up a large learning curve and it will be difficult at times. This is what being a software developer is all about. There are continually times where developers don’t know how to do something and we just roll up our sleeves and figure it out. Luckily, we get better and our knowledge builds on top of other knowledge that we gain. :heart:

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