Hi, this is Eric!

Hi guys, I’m Eric and I’m in the July SF cohort. I’ve spent the past 5 years (read: the entirety) of my career as a structural engineer, and I’ve decided to make the transition into software development (and beyond!). I look forward to working or chatting with all of you guys!

Hey! Small world, I too work as a structural engineer, on buildings specifically. It’s fun to see another one in my cohort. Are you planning on trying to incorporate software development into a career of structural engineering or are you thinking of making a clean break?

Hi John! Right now I’m looking for a clean break right now but I’d be open to develop structural engineering-related software in the future. What about you?

Yeah same here, a clean break is the goal, trying something new and engaging is what I’m after.

I do like structural engineering though, I just find the industry to be very old fashioned. So I have this notion that I might be able to leverage both skills into a meaningful career one day. There are software companies that focus on structural engineering products like CSI, Bently, Tekka, etc. And there’s also a lot of tools in the broader design industry that require software developers, Autodesk is the big one and Sketch Up, for example, is built on ruby. Building some extension in Sketchup that intuitively and reliably exports a model in Etabs or Revit would be super powerful and have a high demand. And CA has a big demand for web based coordination. So I think it’s possible, for sure.

I’m also curious if you have your PE or SE?

I have my PE. I could have applied for the October SE but obviously that’s not happening, haha. I agree there’s a big opportunity for the structural engineering industry to modernize and maybe we could put our skills to good use in that field. I would like to get into the tech world for awhile before I look into that type of endeavor, but it’s definitely on my radar. I suspect we’ll be keeping each other updated on stuff related to this :smiley: