Hi, this is Daniel

Hello! My name is Daniel. I am accepted to the May 29th cohort in San Francisco. I plan to spend the ensuing one month studying the Alpha Course materials. I had much success with going over the prep materials that a/A offered us during the admissions process, so I hope that this will be a fruitful preparation for the actual bootcamp as well. To briefly introduce myself, I was born in the U.S., and studied at a private boarding school in Concord, New Hampshire for high school, and at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for college. With a B.S. in Economics, I took an introductory course in Ruby, and tinkered with the thoughts of changing directions to Computer Science. Good career prospects, and my passion and enjoyment for computer programming nudged me to take notice of, and eventually apply to a/A – so here I am! My hometown is Seoul, South Korea, and I served 21 months in the South Korean Army, making me a dual citizen; a position which gives me a widened perspective of understanding cultural differences. I hope that a/A will be a suitable platform in which I could grow as many others seemed to have previously. Thanks!

Hey Daniel!

Congratulations on your acceptance into App Academy, I look forward to seeing you around the SF office. As an international business graduate and travel enthusiast, I am jealous of your dual citizenship! Practice every day and please continue to use this forum as a resource.

Great to meet you.