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Hi! My Name is!

Hello everyone!

My name is Mathias. I hope to join the July 13th online cohort. I used to work with kids as an assistant teacher, but now, I want to become a programmer and hopefully develop educational apps that make learning fun for kids. With that being said, I am extremely new to the field of coding, so any help or advice is much appreciated! I look forward to working with everyone!


Welcome to the community! Look forward to seeing you around!

This is a great why! Be sure to hold on to that goal as you go through your journey! It will be a great way to guide you through tough learning times.

Some suggestions: start with the mindset of “this is a long journey.” Pace yourself. Stay focused. Keep track of that why. Along the way … it will be challenged. There is a lot to learn. As you’re reading and learning, it may not make sense at the time, but your brain will retain it for you. And at a later point in time, it will recall it for you and a :bulb: will come on!

Try to recognize when you have any learning frustrations. When you can’t figure something out … try to stop and remind yourself that, “I’m learning. My brain is almost making these connections and I’m super close.” It’s much easier said than done, but it’s been a valuable trick that I’ve learned throughout the years.

Best of luck in your journey! :heart:

I already begone to feel the frustration! But your words are super uplifting! Thanks! I look forward to learning with you!

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