App Academy

Hi - Its Now or Never

Hi, I’m Ralph2015

I’m a new old learner considering enrollment at the App Academy with four of my former employees.

We all live in Detroit, Michigan.

I’m part African-American and Native American.

Perhaps when I was younger I may have been smarter?

I earned a full academic scholarship to the University of Chicago where I survived one year before my meal card and scholarship were revoked. Seems that I was not smart enough to navigate the fast cars, faster women, the free flow of alcohol, and the partying to 4AM.

I’ve worked decades in Operations Management solving complex problems at public and industrial organizations. I directed a Department with an annual budget of $200 Million Dollars.

My most recent full-time job was as the Security and Safety Chief for a non-profit organization; unfortunately the budget was slashed and my team and I were laid-off on October 1, 2019.

We are picking up the pieces and hoping to band together as a cohort of 5 amigos and enroll in one of the upcoming sessions.

Half want to go to New York; the other half want to go to California. I will likely cast the tie breaking vote since I used to be their boss. I’m leaning towards Online Study since none of us have the resources for outstate travel.

We’ll be crowded around my fireplace with our laptops trying to motivate one another through the process.

We are curious “How smart do you have to be in order to succeed at the App Academy?”

Did most of you have genius-level IQs before enrolling?

My four colleagues are under the age of 27; I’m over 27 but there are no “Bill Gates” in our group.

We are seeking an inexpensive way to acquire the skills needed to enter a high-wage growth industry.

As I enter a wiser stage of my life I’ve adopted a new life motto – “Too Soon Old, Too Long Stupid”

Hope to chat with everyone soon. :grinning::innocent::laughing::rofl::innocent:


Never fear friend, alas I am 63, and white but who cares what color I or you are, what matters is we both found this awesome place to learn you came came to the right place, but for free, we need to help each other here - more than IQ is spirit, tude, and hard work to learn and self discipline, I am very smart but my body was damaged so it’s hard to type, does that stop me, no way!!! I just work harder, and struggle to be happy as things are not how I dream they SHOULD be, so on Sat night I am learning Ruby and listening to Jethro Tull, Life could be worse :slight_smile: Nice to “meet” ya and the whole gang.


Hi. I am new to coding and new to this platform. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

I feel super old compared to some new coders. I’m new to coding but I will not stop anymore. A fire was lit in me recently. I see you have it too. Keep fueling it. Never give up. I’m teaching my kids coding too. I’m late to the game, but life is about constant learning. Our learning also pushes past our personal gain and in turn we help our children, our community, and the whole human race if you really think about it.