Hi, I'm Shalin! - [September cohort NY]


Name’s pronounced SHAY-lihn. Originally from the South, been living in NYC for the last decade with frequent trips elsewhere to work on projects.

I’ve experiential producer and logistics specialist for the last several years working on corporate events, fine art clients, and festivals. I’ve also worked as a content strategist for a small agency, a producer for a big one, an associate producer for an interactive advertising awards show, and as just about everything you can imagine over the last several years.

I’ve decided to transition away from experiential and towards tech out of a desire for intellectual engagement, future remote work, and a genuine passion for building stuff rather than getting tied up in endless meetings about how to best manage the stuff-builders.

I’m deeply connected to the NYC Burning Man community and will probably be getting paid to help with some logistics around a major project for this year’s burn and the same project’s trip to the Oregon Eclipse festival. Lots of friends in that community working in tech, starting startups, hiring bootcamp grads, leaving their law careers to code, etc, and it’s really exciting to see my techy friends get excited on my behalf now that I’ve accepted my offer of admision in to App Academy.

Looking forward to getting deep in the prep work, can’t wait to meet everybody!