Hi I'm Nick. I'm coming to the July cycle in SF

Greetings all. My name is Nicholas Evans. I have just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering at University of Phoenix Online. I felt my course of study poorly prepared me to enter the workforce so I have turned to App Academy to help me fill in the holes. I am looking forward to entering this educational cocoon to emerge as a powerful and effective developer.

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Hey Nick,

Nice to meet you and congratulations on your acceptance into App Academy! Quick question: What in particular did you find poor about your experience with Phoenix Online?

Hey Kevin,
The program did teach me a lot about the process for building and deploying software with classes in programming logic, project planning, software engineering, testing, and implementation. However, while I took classes in several languages (HTTP/CSS, SQL, Visual Basic, C#, C++, and Java), I felt like I was only scratching the surface of each. For example, it was made known that .NET framework could be used to build Web Apps, but we never explored how. Additionally, the majority of our projects were about demonstrating proof of understanding rather than practical application. As an example, my final Java project was just demonstrating how two threads would run a normal method concurrently and a synchronized method in turn (the method was a simple countdown from 10 to 1). While this proved that I can use threads and concurrency in Java, it is far from a practical application.
So I am left with what feels like a decent foundation but with holes in my knowledge and not enough experience to be a valuable asset as a developer. I considered seeking out certifications in the languages I have learned to build on my foundation and try to find a job as a junior developer, but instead opted to jumpstart my new career by attending App Academy.

Hey Nick,

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have a great foundation for computer science that will give you am advantage entering the Job Search curriculum and when white boarding algorithm problems.

App Academy is going to be the perfect compliment to this type of knowledge, where the curriculum is built from the perspective of getting you a job. App Academy Online is built using the same stack you learn in the program and should serve as proof that after you graduate you can handle any entry level web development position.