Hi, I'm Nate - July Cohort NY

I’m a Chicago native, graduating last year from Illinois with an industrial engineering degree. I wound up working as an analyst at an investment firm for a year before realizing the only part of my job I liked were the projects that allowed me to program. I’m excited for this course with everyone! I’m excited to see what everyone goes on to do after this course, as I’m sure we’ll all be on our way to something great.

I’m especially pumped for our first happy our out in downtown NYC. I look forward to meeting everyone soon.

PS I’m a big Dota 2 player, so let me know if you’d like to play.

I remember my 6th grade birthday my uncle bought me WC3 and not soon after I was playing custom games. Lost a lot of school hours to the old Dota 5.x versions haha, good times. I like to think that playing on the computer as a kid helped carve my current computer proficiency…but it’s probably just an excuse to make me feel better about all the Dota hours.

I would say the exact same thing, the old Age of Empires opened me up to PC gaming. We’re up to 7.05 now haha

No need to feel bad about it, its the exact same story for me.

Even though I followed a Liberal Arts route through college, the computer proficiency I got from being a PC gamer in the 90s ended up being more valuable in the work place, simply because the average person doesn’t have the motivation to learn. I learned so much about windows troubleshooting just because I wanted a certain game to work or perform a bit better.

The WC3 world editor was the thing that got me interested in what was “behind the curtain” in video games and Dota has since spawned an entirely new genre of games that are making millions of dollars.