Hi I'm Michael Johnson

Hello everyone, I’m Michael and I’ve been accepted into the July 3 cohort in NYC. I grew up in Stamford, CT and have always been fascinated by technology.

I graduated from Penn State with a science degree instead of engineering because I hit a rough patch during school and dropped out of the engineering program. In spite of this I still wanted to pursue a career in medical devices and tried networking for a while before coming to the conclusion I needed to further my technical education in order to get a job.

While I’ve always been interested in programming it wasn’t something I pursued seriously until recently, initially because software engineering seemed more “accessible” than other engineering disciplines. I’ve since come to learn a lot of interesting things people are doing with software in the medical space.

Coding with a partner at Jumpstart was a blast; I had no idea coding could be so social before attending! That and everything else I’ve heard about App Academy is why I decided to apply. I’m so glad I got into my first choice of bootcamp.

Fun Fact- I’ve been all over the world. Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia-I’ve been to all of these places.

Jealous of your world travels and that’s great that you already have an idea for the field of software engineering that you would like to gravitate towards. I have friends from my cohort that were able to find similar jobs after graduating from App Academy.

Nice to meet you Michael!