Hi, I'm Matthias

Hi everyone! My name is Matthias and I’m originally from Switzerland. I’ve spent the past few years living in Massachusetts, where I’m currently finishing up my PhD in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic. Part of my dissertation is on the foundations of computability. But while I have plenty of experience constructing Turing machines, I never seriously picked up an actual programming language until recently. I immediately loved programming and I’m looking forward to a career in software development! I can’t wait to start App Academy—I’ll be in the Jul 3 NYC cohort!

Wow a PHD in Philosophy and Math Logic! This programming stuff is going to be a piece of cake :smiley:

Nice to meet you Matthias!

@m1010j I was scrolling through this page to see who from my cohort had introduced themselves and came across your post. I only have a BA in philosophy but I studied at MCMP (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy) during the summer of 2015. I’m really interested in the overlap between CS and Philosophy and confused about why there is not more communication between these departments in universities!

Took a bunch of logic courses and a seminar on Kurt Godel… when Ethereum got hacked again I came across this article which I found interesting: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/4p0gq3/why_turingcomplete_smart_contracts_are_doomed/

I should also add that I am not in your cohort but in the July SF one. :slight_smile:

Too bad we’re not in the same cohort—would’ve loved to chat about the intersection of CS and Philosophy (that’s partly what my dissertation is about).

I think some people in my PhD program were at the MCMP in the summer of 2015!

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