Hi! I'm John - July Cohort SF

I’m John and I’m super excited to be joining the July 31st SF cohort!

My story in short: I grew up in Las Vegas, NV. Went to school in California as a structural engineering major with a math minor. Started working as a structural engineer after school first in Sacramento for about a year, then back to Vegas for about a year, and now I’ve been in Boston for the past year or so.

I’ve been teaching myself a bit of coding for a while now as a hobby. I’ve realized that I find it much more engaging than what I’m currently doing professionally, hence the career switch. Web development seems to be in high demand, so I’ve buckled down on ruby and rails for the past few months to make sure I like it well enough and I do, hence my application to a/A!

You can check out some of the stuff I’ve built on my github if you are interested: github

My current project is implementing a ruby based version of Onitama, a game most like chess. I currently only have it worked out far enough such that it plays in the terminal. It’s not that fun to play such a visual game only in the terminal (it needs a GUI), but it works! Eventually I’d like to host it online with a nice interface and pvp capability and maybe even a mobile app if the web version works well enough, but that is a far down line ambition. The reason I bring it up is that I think it would be super fun to work with someone on it! You can download/check out what I have so far here: github. I know we are all going to be super busy with the prep work, but if we end up having time before the program starts and that sounds exciting to anyone please reach out. :smiley:

Also, if you’re on CodeFights my handle is: john_s148. Friend me and we can get our ruby on.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Hello John!
I’m Thai, July 31st SF cohort as well, nice to meet you.
Nicely done. I played your Onitama version.
I actually like to play Machi Koro, but I can’t find its web page version . It’s super fun, I hope to implement it and host an online web version.

Looking forward to see you in July.

Hey! nice to meet you Thai,

I haven’t played Machi Koro yet, but looks like a lot of fun! definitely let me know when you make some progress on your implementation, I’d love to see it!