Hi ! I'm Harsh - July Cohort SF

Hey folks ! My name is Harsh. I was raised in Fremont, attended High School in India, and attended University in Malaysia. I’ve started programming in High school where I learnt C++ for 2 years, then went on to learn Mechatronic Engineering, where I learnt how to combine mechanical and electrical components using programming (basically robotics of sorts). My first job was completely unrelated but it was something I loved beyond measure, as Project Manager for Liter of Light Malaysia (you can check out the link here : www.theincitement.com/projects/liter-of-light), one of Malaysia’s biggest privately funded volunteer projects.

Fun Fact #1: The startup I worked for was aiming to be a Social Business but only became a profitable and sustainable business after I helped them start up Liter of Light , within 6 months we went from being a non-profit to a 7 figure social business

Alas, good things need to come to an end and unfortunately that happens a lot in the startup world, company couldn’t afford my visa anymore so I high tailed back to California late January this year. The job hunt was a hustle, I realized I need to improve my skill set and work on what I’m already good at (programming), so I took up CodeSchool and FreeCodeCamp, but after many disappointments decided its time to invest in my future, and so here I am now prepping myself for App Academy.

Fun Fact #2: I have a very wide set of skills ranging from Engineering to Management to Media and Events, I can wear multiple hats under one roof, my job search was very wide and I guess this was my ultimate downfall since I couldn’t pick which skill set to focus on as a career.

I look forward to seeing the rest of my cohort fellows soon !


Great to meet you Harsh!

Congratulations on your acceptance into App Academy, I am excited for you to combine the coding skills taught at App Academy with all of your current experience. May I ask what was disappointing about CodeSchool and FreeCodeCamp?

Hi Kevin, well the disappointments were less related to FCC and CodeSchool, and more of the fact that despite learning things through there I was still unsuccessful in the job market. Multiple rejections become disheartening but I decided to turn that feeling into motivation to seriously improve myself and apply my knowledge, which is why I started looking into (and ultimately joined) AppAcademy.

I see, well our dedicated job search curriculum will be a much more enjoyable experience than having to go it alone :smiley:

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