Hi, I'm AJ! - July cohort SF

Hi all! My name is AJ Ansel, I’ll be turning 24 this month and I’m from a pretty small town in northeast Ohio called New Philadelphia. I have a background in math/statistics, education, and a little bit of computer science. I received my bachelor’s degree last spring from Ohio University (OU) in Integrated Mathematics (math education) and have my teaching license in Ohio. For the past year I taught high school math while taking graduate classes and completed my Master’s in Educational Administration in May.

I enjoy sports, movies, TV Shows (Game of Thrones, Dexter, Prison Break, etc.), Xbox, hanging out with friends, and playing basketball.

I am drawn to being challenged, especially logically/mathematically, and love the feeling of creating something “new” so programming is naturally enjoyable. I am also extremely interested/passionate about start-up culture and would love the opportunity to work on some projects in the near future whether it be full-time or part-time.

In order to explain why I decided to join App Academy I have to give some insight into my early college days. I took several programming/engineering courses in high school and started out studying it in college due to my strong passion for it. But, I quickly become frustrated with the program at OU, particularly in the lack of collaboration between peers, disconnect from the professors, and what seemed to be an outdated curriculum. Despite my passion for programming and computer science, I wasn’t enjoying constantly doing it alone and did not see connections to what I would be doing in a job setting. Thus, I shifted gears thinking I would teach math and very basic computer science to high school students and do so in a much more collaborative, enjoyable, way. As time went on I felt like a piece of me was missing and greatly missed programming. This led me to looking into coding bootcamps and I felt the only way to do it right was attending App Academy because it stood out to me over any of the others through my research. A big reason for this is because I felt I could get that collaborative environment that I was longing for in my early years at OU through pair programming and the emphasis on community while also learning a rigorous/cutting-edge curriculum. Needless to say, I am very excited to get started and very excited to meet you all!

See you in a few weeks!