Hi, I am Mikhail - July Cohort SF

Hello everyone,

My name is Mikhail (Mike for SF is already taken, so let’s go with my original name).

I grew up in Cheboksary, Russia and moved to US (MN state) when I was 14 by myself (my dad was already living here). My background is not particularly amazing, just a history of the finished high school and 3 years of college (2 years were under PSEO program) with pleasantly tasty experience in ICQA department as admin problem solver at Amazon.

I helped dad to build up the website for several years that focuses on interviews of brightest Russian students and never-ending Q&A between students and representatives of all Russian colleges and universities. Because of that, I have somewhat moderate experience in HTML-CSS-PHP-SQL.

That’s pretty much it. I am a nerd who likes to play video games such as Dota2 and Hearthstone. Not so bad in chess. Also, I have haRDD RRRussian accent, but people say it’s very small one.

Hope to see you this summer! Gear up!

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