App Academy

Hi, I am Dave and new to App Academy

Hi everyone :smiley: I am Dave. I had a terrible experience with Hack Reactor (DO NOT TAKE THEM unless you have a CS background already). So, I am trying to stay positive.

  • Where you are from
    I am from Austin, TX

  • Why you decided to join App Academy
    I heard that App Academy truly cares about the success of their students and felt like giving up, but thought I would give this one more shot

  • Interesting facts about yourself
    I love to draw and am doing voice overs on the side, I also was a trader for 13 years

  • Favorite things (Food, TV Shows, etc.)
    I used to love to run and work out, now I love meditating, and just finished The Money Heist (Amazing)

  • What interests you about software engineering
    I see software engineering as literacy in the 21st century. I want to understand how to think, write, and speak as a software engineer. So, that I may have freedom in my career, possibly new business, and in life!

  • Your goals/aspirations
    I would like to work for a successful company and learn how to become an architect, then possibly start another business or teach software engineering later in life


When you join App Academy, what programming language am I learning, Python?

Hello Dave! What is the news after one year?

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