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Hi everybody, I'm Carlos Didier...trying to learn something new. Just started prep online!

Hi everybody, I’m Carlos Didier…trying to learn something new. Doing Prep Online!

Hello I’m Justin. Never coded before so I’m excited to learn as much as possible.
NYC cohort btw

Haven’t done much coding either. Just started the Prep Online course…hope to be part of the Online program as I am in Denver.

Hello I am Brianda from Texas I am also working on the prep course assessments. I completed the boolean and I am trying to submit the Git Assessment. Has anyone had issues submitting it? If yes did you find the solution?

Hey Brianda,

I am stuck on the Boolean assessment with 13/14. If you have any tips or a moment to help guide my error resolution process I would be immensely grateful.

Hope you’re all doing well!

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Hi email me at @Lux