App Academy

Hey, Andrew here! May 21st 2018, NYC

Hi my name is Andrew and I’ll be starting on May 21st 2018 with the NYC cohort. I graduated from college two years ago in Chicago and have since been cooking, climbing and carefully considering what I’d like to do with my career. Suffice it to say I’ve decided that it will feature coding :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the tech industry here in New York and encourage you to reach out if you’re looking for a friend in the city.


Sup Andrew! Shout out my Chicago people!!! What part are you from? I lived in Pilsen for a bit, but grew up in the burbs

Yoooooo . My bad on the late response, I’ve been plugging away (see quietly freaking out) at the AlphaCourse and haven’t had time to explore the rest of the site in detail.

But! I lived for four years in Hyde Park, loved loved going to Pilsen though. Have a friend and former coworking now at Duseks, the gastropub under the Longman boys in Pilsen, and have always thought of Don Pedros as a borderline religious experience. As far as the suburbs go I spend some time in Oakbrook and Hinsdale, Lakeview I think I dropped a friend at once? Really loved my time in Chicago and was meaning to go back for a scavenger hunt this last week but couldn’t as I felt behind on the Alphacourse.

Anyways, very much looking forward to meeting you!