Help with Repl pry

Hello I’m pretty confused about what im supposed to do with

david ~/Dropbox/TA $

I assume I type that into terminal but this happens

Thank you in advance

Hey Nixon, don’t worry about the Dropbox code, its probably an unintended leftover from the TA’s computer. If you were able to successfully install pry, you should be able to call on it anytime by just entering pry in the terminal.

aah gotcha thank you Zuhair

Removed the confusing mentioning of Dropbox in that example code prompt string. Thanks @Nixon and @Zuhair!

so I still cant seem to get pry to work, and im not sure what im doing wrong exactly.

Hey Nixon,

A major part of improving your ability as a developer is reading and understanding error messages. This will be a skill you practice throughout App Academy and your career. I wasted hours just the other day because I didn’t read my error messages closely enough.

In this case, the error is a SyntaxError which should immediately tell you to look at your code for punctuation or typing errors. Then the error message points to where it found an unexpected identifier at the ‘.’ character. Unfortunately this part is a little harder to determine a reason for but seeing this error should tell you that the load function received a parameter that it did not understand.

In this case you need to make sure that you pass a string to the load function:

load '00_hello.rb'

Gotcha, so is there a reference sheet for all the different error messages or is it something that will just come with time? Because one of the biggest problems I run into is not knowing what the error message is trying to tell me. Similarly right now I’m have no clue what the error is telling me.

Great question!

Mostly this comes with time but a great way to practice and get better over
time is to Google search the types of errors. This will usually lead you
down the right path and I will see if I can find a good document for common
Ruby Error Types. In this case we have a LoadError which tells us that
the load function could not find a file called ‘00_hello.rb’

Anytime a file cannot be found you should check to make sure you are
providing the right location of that file. In this case the file is
actually nested inside the lib folder so the proper path from where you are
currently would be:

load 'lib/00_hello.rb'

YES, It finally worked! Thank you Kevin!