Help with my first HTML/CSS Assessment attempt

Hello, just sent off my first attempt at the html/css assessment and I got a couple problems wrong. Just checking to see if anyone would be willing to let me know what I did wrong. These are the problems I need to address:

*has two 'input' fields.

* has a 'form' element that is 600px when the window is wider than 600px

* has exactly one input with a name of 'pet_name' and an associated label with the content 'Name'.

* has exactly one 'select' element with a name of 'pet_type' and an associated label with the content 'Type'

Here's a screen shot of all my HTML and CSS in one photo. Hopefully it's not too confusing.


Thank you for your time!! Excited to be here. -Kris

Hi Kris,
It looks like your image isn’t rendering. Can you re-post it?

Hi, @jbyers,
Thank you for getting back to me. I re-uploaded my screenshot.

Hi again @jbyers,
I believe I figured some of the problems out. Not too sure. The screenshots are for the problems I believe I resolved…But I am still confused about the

* Has two 'input' fields.

I feel like I have two input fields.

Thanks again!!

Hi Kris,
Wow - the text in that photo is super small! But, if I’m seeing correctly…I believe you have 3 input fields in the original HTML file. Double-check the specifications and you’ll figure out which one needs to be changed.