Help with Boolean Algebra/Digital Logic Problems

Hey! I just took the Boolean Algebra/Digital Logic assessment and was off by three questions. I got the email and I’ve been trying to figure out what I did wrong or if maybe I skipped a step.

Here are the problems that I missed (and in bold underneath what I answered).

  • If x is TRUE and y is TRUE, what is ((x AND y)' AND (x' OR y')')' ?

Answered: FALSE

  • If w is FALSE, x is FALSE, and y is TRUE, what is ((x OR y) AND (y AND w)') OR (x AND y' AND w') ?

Answered: FALSE

  • If w is TRUE, x is TRUE, and y is FALSE, what is ((w AND x AND y') OR (w' AND x AND y')) AND ((w AND x AND y') AND (w' AND x AND y'))' ?

Answered: FALSE

Option options included: Null, True and Not enough information

Like I mentioned, I keep going through them, hoping I missed a NOT or something along those lines, but it still comes out the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I’m not an instructor (so take my advice for what it is worth), but after looking at your question I think you may have failed to apply DeMorgan’s Law. I applied DeMorgan’s Law to these problems and came up with different answers than you did. I hope this helped!



Thank you! I did eventually figure it out and I was making it harder than it was haha :smiley: