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Help/Question on Git | Initial First Part

This is like my twentieth time trying the assessment.
I used to get further than this:
But, some reason when I get to this step of "Move the following files from the “images” directory to the “pictures” subdirectory.

  • pearblossom-hwy.jpg
  • specimens.jpg
    In the “site.html” file, add a new line after the line that reads <h1>Drawing and Pictures</h1> . Type in the following lines of code.
    My file isn’t switching not to include the previous links.
    Please help with this. I also get stuck later down the line, but if this issue could be resolved permanently, I could move on while I’m retrying. My screenshot doesn’t look exactly alike.

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure I completely understand the question, but I’ll try to answer as best I can. Please reply and clarify if I’m not interpreting what you mean correctly.

So, it looks like you are following the directions step-by-step, but when you add the two pictures to your site.html file, you are seeing 5 images in your file, while the screenshot in the directions only shows the two (that you just added). Is that correct?

If that is the issue, you can delete the extra image lines until your file looks just like the screenshot, save it, and then continue following the directions step-by-step moving forward. The auto-grader for this assessment will be looking at your final product for each branch, so it is OK to delete the parts that should not be there, and then move on from there with the correct starting point.

Let me know if this helps at all, and if not, feel free to re-post so I can understand the issue better.


How do I know if I got this right? I have 2/4 attempts yet, but I really want to make sure I got it right. Here’s what I got:

Is there anything I could do to test the branches? Or do any of the commit tests?

I definitely recommend checking all of your branches before you submit. After you’re done (and have finished all of your commits), close the file and get out of VS Code. Then, open VSCode, and check each branch, one at a time, to make suer they match the screenshots in the assessment directions. If they do, you’re all set to zip the file and submit.

If they don’t match, you can still manually make the changes (add/delete/etc), save them, and commit to the correct branch.

How do I “check each branch”?

Or, I get how to check each branch. For my “together” branch, I’m missing the lands-end.jpg image, when I think according to the example, it should be there. When I try to enter my “pictures” or “drawings” branch, I get a “Please clean your repository working tree before checkout.” Do you know what this means? Or how to resolve it? Once, I do that. Do I just manually copy and paste the correct links, add, then commit them. Recheck. Then see if I’m right?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Hmmm…I believe the working tree message indicates that you need to save and commit changes to that branch before checking out to a different branch. Did you get this message when you used the git checkout command to switch branches?

As for the image question, you are correct - you would need to manually add the image that is missing, save, add, and commit.

It sounds like you are just about there!

How do I check whether I’m right with the images. When I checkout, here’s five links for the “drawings” branch, five links for the “pictures” branch, four links the “master” branch, and four links for the "together’ branch, respectively?

The best way to check if you are right is to compare the contents of your branches with what is specified in the assessment directions and screenshots. Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you if you are right or wrong at this point (since it is an assessment). You will need to decide when you are ready to submit.
Good luck!