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Help me learn advance build

Hello my name is don I am 44 years old and I live in San Diego California, but I’m from upstate ny. I hope this works for me I’ve been for the most part my whole life working minimum wage jobs. It’s very expensive here and I know in order to be financially well I need an education to pursue a better career. I came from a bad life never had much going for me. I moved out of my parents house at 13 because they were terrible. I in turn quit school at 8th grade and lived a life of jail, streets and nonsense. I didn’t make it to high school so I had no idea about having to sign up for selective service. Year later I tried to peruse college but the government will not give me fafsa because I didn’t sign up for selective be service between the ages of 18-26. Then I found out about this. If anyone can give me more info, help or advice I would appreciate it. I’ve mostly been cooking all my life and now because of covid 19 I’m out of work. I get unemployment for a whopping $252 every 2 weeks. So I need to make moves that make a difference and will take any handup available. I hope you all had a good holiday and we all have a good '21.