Hello, my name is Adrian

Hi everyone, my name is Adrian Jewell. I’ve been accepted in to the July 31st cohort, and I’m really excited to be joining App Academy for the training program. I just wanted to say hello before I started joining the discussion in the forums. As far as my background goes, I’ve been working in education since graduating, and I currently live in Boston and work as a mathematics tutor in the Americorps. I graduated from Oberlin College and Conservatory in 2014 (BA/BM), and I look forward to learning how to program computers. You can also visit my page at www.adrianjewell.com. Thanks for being available to answer questions! Sincerely, Adrian.


Hey! I’m local to boston too. Let me know if you’re interested in meeting up and working on the prep material together sometime.

Hey Adrian ! Just took a look at your website, and subsequently your soundcloud. Words can’t describe how impressed I am. Looking forward to meeting you in class ! :smiley:

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@Harsh, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!