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Hello, I'm Steven from NY - Sept Cohort NYC

Hello everyone. I’m Steven originally from Brooklyn, NY. Even though I was raised here, I moved to Japan in 2009 to pursue an International Business degree which also lead me to study up on Psychology in Korea. Upon returning I tried using my experience to start a company and learn the basics of coding. Though the outcome wasn’t as expected, I joined my friends company and became a videographer for weddings for a while. Looking to challenge myself, learn from top companies and eventually tackle in starting my own venture again, I’ve been fortunate enough to get accepted to a/A program.

Any questions you may have, please ask. If anything, looking forward to meeting those from Sept cohort including those from others as well.

Hey, Steven. Did you do the Step 2 Jumpstart in April?

Hey Sanpak,

I actually didn’t attend the April one. I took both Step 1 and 2 in May. Are you part of the July cohort? nice to meet ya.

Hey Steven!

I, too, am from Brooklyn, NY! Pleasure to meet you. I’m also in the September cohort, and was just accepted into app academy. I’m originally from Sunset Park, and attended Midwood High School by Brooklyn College.
Anyway, thought I would introduce myself and just say hello.

Happy trails/coding/summer fun!

Yama, I finding myself very confused :-).

Which part are you confused aobout? :open_mouth: Back in the big apple?

Hahah, I’ve seen your Yama tag so many times and only think about you as Yama now. So when I see Steven I keep having to reorder everything in my head :-). I’m back, but only for a another week and a half. When’s the next study session?

Which ever works for you. As I mentioned, while I lived in Asia for nearly 6 years that was my nickname. I respond to it just as easily as when I here Steven at this point lol