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Hello! I'm Noe - NYC September 2017 Cohort


I am from NYC, and am in the September cohort later this year. I attended a small liberal arts college, worked with some heavy equipment after graduating, realized I enjoy tinkering with things, and decided to start programming. I am far from perfect when it comes to the art, but am excited to be on this journey! I look forward to meeting and working with my cohort-mates later this summer and into the fall. I look forward to chatting – see you in the forum/comments/place where we type!
Besides prep for app academy, I enjoy:
the beach
reading historical fiction (but really whatever looks interesting)
getting lunch (probs my favorite meal)

Also, hope this ends up in the intro topic section…

Hey Noe. Nice to meet you. Good to see more Brooklyn natives going to the cohort. In that regards, I was raised in Bensonhurst and still reside there once I came back from overseas. I attended Xaverian HS but I know about Midwood since I had a few friends that went there.

Welcome aboard (assuming you just started today). Join our slack channel and possibly join me and other a/A students as I’ve tried to get people together at least once a week in order to help one another. Usually we tend to go to the Starbucks near Cesar Bay shopping center.

Either way, pleasure to meet you, let’s talk some more and see you soon.

P.S- who is your favorite soccer team?

Hey CoderSteve,

Oh that’s awesome! I have definitely heard of Xaverian, but did not know anyone who attended. I’d love to join you at the Starbucks! I’ve been having some difficulties and could definitely use a hand, and would be more than happy to help others if possible. How do I join the slack channel? If it is by invitation my email is I look forward to meeting you/ seeing you soon as well!

I don’t have a favorite team as much as I have particular players I enjoy watching. I’ll never support Real Madrid, though. Can’t do it. I am a fan of N’golo Kante, Busquets, Ross Barkley(I think that’s how you spell it), Coutinho, and the Juventus back line.

How about yourself? Do you like soccer? A particular team? Player? Coach?

Talk to you soon.

Hey, welcome aboard! I think on Slack all you have to do is search: #ny_sept_2017_cohort
Come join the chat.

Awesome! is #ny_sept_2017_cohort a channel?

It says that it is expecting a URL to search for a different channel…