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Hello from Georgia

I passed the assessments and I plan on joining the August cohort! Pretty excited to really dive into the world of programming. I truly believe I have found my calling in software engineering. Something about it is soothing to me. It’s like building the empire state building from legos; simple concepts that stack together to create something grand.

My background is in Finance. I worked as a business operations analyst for about 6 months out of college, then COVID struck and I was left unemployed. After months of unsuccessful job hunting, I decided to study software engineering on the side. Turns out I love coding, and I plan on getting the absolute maximum out of this course and later on down the line delve into data analytics.

I also own a carnivorous plant LLC, mostly I operate on Facebook and Ebay (@Andromedaplants) and my interests are appropriately related to botany and horticulture of carnivorous plants. I also game more than I probably should, so if MOBAs are your thing, im your guy

I’m very happy you were able to pass and complete the modules, as I just completed mine as well. I too am joining the August cohort and just finished the paperwork. Not sure if you know this, but they jump right into JavaScript, so I am definitely using this time to delve into that. I think if we can get through the modules with understanding, we will probably be alright in the course as long as we persist!

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Welcome to the community, @cosmos.cha! Enjoy the journey! :clap:

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Hi All!

Hoping to join the August cohort as well but literally just started the assessments. How long did it take you both?

Also- @cosmos.cha, some of those plants look kinda crazy!

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thanks! They are my pride and joy. As far as how long it would take, it took me about 5 weeks, but I was also working part time for the first 2 weeks and was out of commission for 2 weeks later due to a foot injury. If you really sit down and crunch it out, it should take about 2 weeks more or less for someone with barely any programming knowledge, like myself. I only knew SQL and some basic Python (like really basic Python) before starting.

If you have any questions, post on the forum or ask me. Everyone on this forum is very helpful

Gotcha-thanks! Yeah, I have no programming knowledge so I’m hoping I can complete them within the deadline. Hopefully see you next month.