Hello, friends: I'm Logan!

Hey everyone! I’m Logan. Looks like I’m going to be doing the App Academy cohort in SF starting July 31.
Originally, I’m from Los Angeles, but come here by way of Santa Cruz, where I studied Global Economics at UC Santa Cruz (go slugs!) and Berlin, where I studied for a year.
My first real experience with programming of any kind was with a statistical package called Stata, which I used while doing some undergraduate research. From there, I realized that if I wanted to continue doing economic research/analysis, I would need to learn some programming, so I took a Python class my last quarter at university and really enjoyed it. After moving to the Bay Area and realizing exactly how hard it is to find a job without a more technical degree, a higher degree, or about 10 years of experience, I decided that I needed to add to my toolbox, and applied to App Academy.
One day, I would like to work in data science, but I think it makes more sense to work my way up to there from software development than from doing the temp work I’m doing now. And hey - if I end up totally falling in love with software development and decide to keep doing that, I’d call that a win too.
Beyond that, I’m a ballroom dancer, an avid reader, and a seeker of the strangest music I can find.