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Hello All I'm Russell

hey everyone mt name is Russell. i Just started the prep courses and i will gladly admit i am 100% and completely lost. is there anyone in here that understands Ruby On Rails that would be willing to spend a little time with me and give me a hand getting started?

I read the lesson several times and did followed the tutorials and thought i understood it fairly well but when i got to the practice i was totally and completely lost. it seems that it is more in depth than the lesson teaches. can anyone please give me a hand getting started. once i get a handle on the intro i will pick it up really quickly but i am lost without a map. i really need some help.

I’m happy to try and help the best I can! Is there anything in particular that isn’t making sense?

Well some of the lines of code I don’t remember it being covered in the lesson. Such as reversing. Maybe I am just not meant to be a programmer. Literature Language Arts and History are the worst normal subjects for me in school anyway. I am a Math Science and Engineering brain. I thought I was getting it when going through the lesson but the practice problem makes me want to just give up and quit now.

DM’d you! I have a social sciences background so if I can struggle through it, you definitely can!

I am experiencing the same problem as Russell. I’m completely new to coding and only started learning a little over a month ago. I completed the prep courses they give to complete the practice problems and I feel like I understood everything. I’ve also worked on the Ruby course over at the CodeAcademy website as an extra resource. However, when it comes to trying to figure out the problems, I get so confused and don’t understand why or how they come up with their solutions. Is there anyway you could help me out as well or give me a little advice on how you were able to complete the problems?

Hi McKenzie,

It sounds like you’re doing everything right! One goal of the prep work is to challenge you with problems that we expect you to get stuck with for a while. Just keep at it and expect yourself to progress very slowly. If you patiently sit with the material as long as you can, then you’ll keep getting better at it. If there are specific issues with specific problems that you’re stuck with, then we’re happy to help you out here.

If you want to read a book, then I recommend taking a look at Chris Pine’s Learn to Program.