Having trouble viewing file created with "mkdir prep-work" on windows 10


I am having trouble finding this folder “prep-work” when utilizing “explorer.exe” command. It does open my windows home folders but when I search for the file it does not find it anywhere on the pc. However, it is located when searching in terminal using Ubuntu 20.04 command “ls”. I read previous posts on Ubuntu setup and the way files are archived and viewable only in the terminal but not in windows, not sure if this is the case. I am stumped here and I want to avoid further issues down the road.

I have Virtual Studio installed as well as a bunch of other terminal programs (see screenshot below). Any help or guidance would be extremely appreciated!

I think I am starting to understand the reason for this and it’s due to Virtual Studio’s setup having the terminal or Ubuntu directories in this case archived within the program only and not on Windows system files. Wasn’t making any sense till I found the directory in VS!

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