Having an issue with a/A test problem, possibly

Hello and thank you for stopping by in helping me understand what is happening.

So I notice some of the course isn’t very organized but haven’t had an issue until now. I’m currently on RSPEC practice 1. I noticed when I tried to fork it that I already had the file as it was one we forked at a much earlier lesson. Problem I’m running into is, it won’t let me press next until I push the file. It says it is already up-to-date and has already been pushed meaning it won’t let me do it. Another problem I realize is, it says there are multiple test files we will need to be solving. I only notice 1 file is present which is the 00_hello_spec.rb. Should I delete it again and download it or are the rest of the problems we are to solve will be what we will be forking at a much later lesson?

Thank you for the explanation and help.

  • Steven

Figure my mistake out. Thanks though :smiley: