Has anybody gotten a job by going through the app academy open free?

I know that the paid version that costs thousands will get you a job but I don’t know about the free version but if you have gotten a job after completion how did you go about it?

The paid version doesn’t get you a job but gives you a head up (Crafts resumes, interview prep etc, leads on companies who have hired grads in the past). Oh and they require you to meet application quotas. I think those things combine make the job search a little more fruitful but i don’t believe a job is ever given outright.

what do you mean by application quotas?

AA has a strike policy and without going into extensive detail, from my understanding you are required to meet with a coach, submit so many resume/applications perhaps weekly and other restrictions. Failure to do so leads to a strike, 5 strikes leads to the cancellation of your deferred tuition. (So essentially the "you don’t pay until you find a job goes out the window). You essentially would have to pay them back for the course effective earning 5 strikes. It is this motivator along the sheer volume of applications that likely causes students to get their job.

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