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Greetings gents, I'm Daniel [NYC July Cohort]

Just wanted to say wow, I’m really glad to finally be here after practicing. Really happy with the results and I just want to wish everyone a good summer. You know, that type of good wishing that saves you from being in the one train compartment with no AC.

I really want to master the method of adaption most mid-senior developers seem to have with their ability to not only research but separate categories of programming languages to frameworks to web-services, etc. Yet somehow, keeping the schema or distinct understanding of what they’re doing in a given field. Boggles the mind what some people are capable of nowadays. A little bout myself: I’m currently trying to lose weight as I learned what “brain-fog” was and am trying to crunch down on usable hours so that I can spend all of my time coding.

I was previously studying Computer Science but due to family complications, I had to take time off to help my family. But even prior to that, I’ve always had a love for code because of the way you solve problems with it. Am always trying to find extra code teaching resources like the Odin Project that I’m using upon recommendation of another poster to aid my Ruby skills. I’m pretty sure I have a hoarded collection of resources in bookmarks by now like a dragon to gold.

Hope I can meet members belonging to my cohort beforehand!

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