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Greetings From Turkey

Hi everyone ,this is Yunus. I decided to learn code for a better life .Because in 2018 i had a lot of bad changes in my life and i got fired from my job . So i needed another job because i was a soldier in my old life .Also i had to find a remote job because developer jobs in my country is very bad.A good junior dev can earn 12000 usd in a year, maybe a little more .
I met with appacademy 6 months ago while i was searching an online bootcamp.Because in my country there is no bootcamp .But because i have financial problems in that time , i didnt began. In this time , i completed a Udemy Course , The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele. And i kept learning in my free times .I was working as a sales man So i didnt have so much time .By the way i wrote my first code in february 2019 .So by myself , i learned MERN stack . I completed the Responsive Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures , API’s and Microservices of the Free Code Camp and Now i am about to complete front end section of it. Also i used codecacademy .2 months ago while working as a sales man , i was accept as a remote front end intern for a Singapore company .After that met my current company .They were looking for an intern and they accepted me as a remote full stack intern with a low salary(5 k year).And because of this is a full time internship currently i am just doing this job .I completed my first month and dont know what will happen.
I am here because i want to improve my skills.I am thinking about studying here about 10-20 hours in a week while my internship goes on .Also i am looking for a pair programming buddy !
So Here I am, Sorry for a long message :slight_smile:

Hello Yunus, I am from Turkey too, unfortunately)
Are you still at intern job? what is your situation now.