Git Workflow - A Ruby Project

I’m currently on the forking problem and I’m having trouble with the git push command. The terminal asks for my Bitbucket password which I enter correctly. Then this message occurs: 'remote: Unauthorized fatal: Authentication failed for ''. I also checked if my password was indeed correct by logging out of Bitbucket and logging back in using the same password that I entered into the terminal.

Hi Brian,

We are looking into your issue but as I glance at the command you have posted, there is a key bit of information missing. Notice that the @ does not have anything before it. This is supposed to have your bitbucket account name like so:

Try cloning with that url and see if the password works correctly. It’s not clear exactly why you would be able to fork the repo but not yet have an account name in our database, and according to our database your bitbucket account name is “senyokbalgul” so let me know if this problem persists on other projects.