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Git struggle to understand

I tried to pass the git assessment and got a 3/4, went back into it feeling confident that I would pass this time and ended up failing 2/4… I guess I’d just like some help on understanding where I went wrong? based off this email and looking at the " How To Interpret A Git Diff" am I doing something wrong around the merges or is it a deeper issue?

I looked at your submission…and congratulations! It looks like you figured out how to solve the merge conflict issues and passed!

Have you heard about the new Discord channel? If so, that is a great place to ask questions like this as you work through Boolean Algrbra. Let me know if you don’t have access yet and I can DM you the invite link.


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Hi! Thanks for reaching out, I do have the discord channel and will make sure to utilize the help offered! :slight_smile:

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Hey. I’d be really grateful if you could share the discord invite with me!

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